College Advocate is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an official after school service provider
with District of Columbia Public Schools.  

College Advocate ensures that high achieving public and charter high school students have every
opportunity to attend the nation’s most selective colleges.  We focus exclusively on students with
particularly strong academic records who we believe can achieve success in the finest colleges in the
country.  We assist our students with the highly competitive college admissions process by providing
them with individualized college access services, such as college counseling, SAT preparatory
courses, essay consultation, and visits to college campuses. College Advocate is a unique
organization in the District of Columbia because we focus exclusively on top performing students who
require specialized counseling and college access services to be competitive for admissions at top-
ranked colleges and universities.
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College Advocate is particularly vital in the District of Columbia because the SAT scores of students in
District of Columbia's public schools are the lowest in the nation. Despite a strong academic record, it
is quite difficult for talented students to gain admission to the nation’s most selective colleges if they
lack strong SAT scores. Admissions counselors at top-ranked colleges and universities would like to
admit more students from public schools in the District of Columbia but many great students do not
have competitive SAT scores. For this reason, all College Advocate scholars receive intense SAT
preparation from an experienced instructor.
Who is College Advocate?
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